Misconceptions About Ceiling Fans

Misconceptions About Ceiling Fans

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Ceiling fans are the primary space cooling appliance in India. Ceiling fans may seem like a simple concept, but like everything else in the world, there are misconceptions and myths. Here are some common misconceptions and myths about ceiling fans.

Ceiling Fans Cool The Room

No! Ceiling fans don’t alter room temperature. It promotes air circulation and has no control over room temperature. The chillness we feel when under a ceiling fan is because it escalates the evaporation of our sweat.

BLDC / Super Energy-Efficient Fans Deliver Less Air

No! Superfan delivers the same 230 CMM as any other 1200mm ceiling fan like Crompton HS, Usha racer, etc but consumes only 35 W (56% lesser power consumption).  This seed of misconception was sewn by low-quality energy efficient ceiling fans designed by large brands in the early 2000s.

Yes! The efficiency of a fan tells you how well it is performing. Superfan is super energy efficient and 5 stars rated, which means it moves more air for one watt. We mention the airflow and the energy rating of the fan on the label.

BLDC Fans Are Less Reliable

No! top BLDC brands like Superfan, Atomberg (Gorilla) fans, Jupiter have equal or better reliability than regular ceiling fans. In the 7 years of selling BLDC ceiling fans, we have not observed even one motor-coil burning. The only failure in a BLDC fan would be the electronics, which is easily replaced.

It is that at a lower speed, fans consume lesser power. For instance, Superfan consumes only 14W at speed step 3 while the regular fans consume 28 W at speed step 3.

The Efficiency Of The Fan Decreases With Time

Yes, as the life of ceiling fans increases, its efficiency decreases. This is because of the wear and tear of the mechanical parts like bearings and electrical components like capacitors. A regular fan that consumes 75W normally consumes up to 20% more when it ages. With a Superfan, power consumption may increase about the same 10% as it ages.  We can extend the same to any BLDC fans.

A Ceiling Fan Can Decapitate You

No! They have proven this myth to be false by a TV series called Myth-busters in 2004. If a person stands so close to a spinning fan, he might get a small incision. So, relax!

You Don’t Need Ceiling Fans If You Have An Air Conditioning System

Using a BLDC ceiling fan with AC reduces electricity consumption while maintaining the same thermal comfort. When you set the AC at a 27-degree setting and use a BLDC ceiling fan at speed step 2 along, the comfort will be the same as in 24-degrees AC setting. This is because the ceiling provides a breeze effect and add the evaporative cooling phenomenon besides the environmental cooling effect delivered by the AC. Aa regular ceiling fan will provide the same breeze effect but its motor will heat and reduce the environmental cooling effect by the AC. Whereas a BLDC motor does not heat as much and also consumes 60% less power at speed 2.

Anti-dust Ceiling Fans!

There is no perfect anti-dust fan in the market. The anti-dust coating reduces the accumulation of dust but still collects dust like any other fan. It is a marketing gimmick by many brands in the fan industry. As Superfan is a technology company, we are working on finding a dust-free solution that works.

Larger Motors Are Not Always Efficient

Yet another common misconception is larger motors are more powerful and they deliver more air! Motor size does not determine the efficiency or air delivery. The power drawn by the motor should be less while delivering the same output. Sometimes compact motors are multiple times powerful than larger motors. The efficiency class of the motor is the right determinant and not the size!

11 thoughts on “Misconceptions About Ceiling Fans

  1. I completely agree on the last topic(germ-free).Its completely a marketing trick. But i suggest that somewhere superfan should create awareness about the myth in marketing.

    Nice Blog!!

  2. I wish to place order for 5 Nos 1400 mm BLDC Fans, can u tell me why I should go for Superfan, whereas other brands gorrila, atomberg and established top brands are also available in market. Thanks and Regards,

    1. Dear Rajesh Jatana, we are very excited that you considered buying Superfan. At Superfan, we wish to have a long-standing and strong bond with our SuperFans. We promise you 56% power savings, 5 years of warranty and friendly support. This is what, differentiating us from others majorly! Technically, we own the technology through patents and hence we could easily fix difficulties faced, right away. Also, we could customise the fans based on your requirements. Please read India’s Most Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans? to know why Superfan is the best choice!

      1. Thanks for replying quickly. Since I am based at Kapurthala (Pb) , in case of requiring any service during 5 yrs warranty period , how could I avail service for my ceiling fan , I mean where are your service centers in Punjab as servicing remain very important point for buying any item . Thanks and regards

        1. Do not fret dear SuperFan! Our ceiling fans are built to last for a long time. In such an unfortunate situation, we promise you that we will arrange the necessary repairing services. Our service engineers will be right on their heels to solve the fault. We have exciting news for you, we’ll be in Punjab very soon!

  3. I admire you for not hesitating to mention the names of your competitors when like Atomberg & Jupiter when it comes to say about top brands which shows that you believe in a healthy competition.

    1. Thank you for the admiration. We believe in serving society with sustainable products and every day we are striving to deliver the best. Our intention is to build a relationship with our customers in the long-term based on honesty and reliability. Our blogs reflect the same core values we believe in.

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