Enjoy the new hybrid comfort
Superfan + AC = Perfect Cooling Solution

Enjoy the thermal comfort with Our Innovative
SuperQ Duocool BLDC Ceiling Fan

Duocool Feature

Superfan's Duocool BLDC ceiling fan maximizes comfort and energy savings by combining the comfort of using Superfan and an AC. The Duocool feature eliminates discomfort and reduces energy consumption with its Smart Setup.

Voice Command

Seamless integration with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa makes it a hands-free smart ceiling fan with voice control.

Smartify Hub

Super Q Duocool Transforms any non-smart appliances with an IR remote into IoT-connected devices. Positioning a smart hub in the middle of the room on top assures better connectivity than a conventional home automation system.

Scene Settings

Schedule and automate multiple appliances through NFC tags paired with your mobile phones.

Scheduling & Automation

Advanced features for setting up automated operation schedules for the fan and other connected appliances.


Monitor energy consumption and other performance metrics in the real-time.
Maximise comfort and energy savings with Superfan and Airconditioning Guaranteed!

SuperQ Duocool – The Best Ceiling Fan for your Space

Feel cooler comfort at a higher AC temperature setting

Leveraging evaporative and conductive cooling mechanisms

Energy-efficient and eco-conscious cooling solution

Enhance the Body's Natural Cooling Mechanism


The Super Q Duocool ceiling fan utilizes state-of-the-art technology to turn any non-smart appliance with an IR remote into an IoT-connected device. By strategically positioning a smart hub in the center of your room, you ensure superior connectivity, surpassing the limitations of traditional home automation systems.

Seamlessly integrate your Super Q Duocool ceiling fan with popular voice assistants like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Enjoy hands-free control as you command your fan to adjust speed or turn on/off, adding a touch of futuristic sophistication to your living space.

Embrace the new era of convenience, comfort and control with Super Q Duocool Ceiling Fan!
Upgrade your living space with Super Q Duocool ceiling fan – a revolutionary IoT solution that transforms ordinary appliances into smart, connected devices.
Effortlessly integrate your ceiling fan into your smart home with popular voice assistants & experience the latest in IoT technology at your home.

Take command of your fan's speed effortlessly through the intuitive MySuperfan App. This user-friendly interface allows you to adjust settings with a simple tap, providing you with the ultimate convenience in managing your home environment.

NFC tag-based scene creation for customizing multiple appliance settings at once. The scheduling and automation can be activated through NFC tags paired with respective mobile phones, this feature adds another layer of automation as a Smartify hub.

Real-time monitoring of energy consumption and other performance metrics

Switch to the hybrid combination today!

Every 1-degree higher setting on your AC, SAVES you 5% on its electricity.
Simply, set your AC at 27 degrees Celsius and choose the Duocool mode on the mobile app remote

Save Rs.3500 every year on your electricity bill!

Reduces “Urban Heat Island Effect”

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