Comfort is high flow,
not high speed!

Comfort is high flow,
not high speed!

Feeling Tired?
when you wake up

Maybe it's your high speed fan.

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Unique blade shape
Redefines efficiency, performance, comfort

Novel blade design of Superfan sets the industry standard once again.

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India’s most efficient ceiling fan?

Super Q 48’’ is a 25W BLDC ceiling fan

Super Q was found to be the most efficient ceiling fan in India, by BEE, Govt. of India.

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Patented BLDC motor technology

Super Q combines superfan’s famous patented BLDC technology with their new Q-flow technology.

This makes Super Q 30% more efficient than other BLDC ceiling fans.

Silent ceiling fans

2 times quieter than regular ceiling fans

Smooth airflow with no turbulence

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Control your ceiling fan with remote

Eco mode | AC Mix mode | Wellness mode | Reverse rotation | Timers | Speed adjustments

20% more airflow

The unique blade shape of the Super Q BLDC ceiling fan moves a larger volume of air than a regular ceiling fan at all speed steps.

For instance, typical 48’’ (1200 mm) ceiling fan delivers 230 CMM airflow while Super Q delivers 260 CMM at a higher efficiency. This higher airflow is maintained for all fan sizes.

69% electricity savings

The combination of the Superfan BLDC motor with the unique Super Q blade shape offers higher efficiency than any other ceiling fan. Super Q runs for 4 nights (40 hours) per unit of electricity while a regular ceiling fan runs only for 1 night (13 hours) for the same one unit of electricity.

2 times quieter

The noise level of regular ceiling fans is 58 dBA, while Super Q offer quieter comfort only at 48 dBA. The difference of 10 dBA is equivalent to 2 times quieter.

Family of fans
Sizes 600–1500 mm

10 bold color variants

Maintains efficiency, performance and comfort across all fan sizes.

Sustainability Beyond

Eco- friendliness is a way of life at Superfan

  • Eco - friendly
  • Plastic free

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