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Superfan – Fan Re ‘invented’

Superfan’s patented original design has brought numerous innovations to a stagnant Indian ceiling fan industry. The following are a select few that shows why Superfan is ‘Fan reinvented’. Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fan (35 W) Superfan broke the 35W barrier to enable an Indian ceiling fan to enter the super energy-efficient category of appliances. This novel design has been awarded two patents (2873/CHE/2009 and 3505/CHE/2012). Sensor-less BLDC control One of the challenges in BLDC technology was to minimize the failures…

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India’s Most Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans?

BLDC technology in ceiling fans is the latest in India, which led to Super Energy Efficient Ceiling Fans . There are at least 27 manufacturers of BLDC ceiling fans with lofty claims like most efficient energy efficient ceiling fans in India/World, highest air delivery, least power consumption, etc. These claims are deceptive marketing and a few bad apples who employ these tactics in the industry create a bad name for the entire industry and the technology. This article brings out…

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Why super energy efficient ceiling fans?

Regular old ceiling fans Ceiling fans escape one’s mind when thinking about reducing electricity cost. This forgotten appliance contributes significantly to electricity consumption due to its numbers and hours of usage. The following estimation supports this claim. A regular ceiling fan (1200 mm span) consumes about 75 W at the highest speed.  There are over 400 million regular ceiling fans in India and each of them creates an electricity demand about 39W* (consumption at medium speed). Super energy efficient ceiling…

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