About 400 million ceiling fans are being used in India, but the technology has not been improved over 75 years. It is time we re-invent the ceiling fan in India.

It is generally believed that the first ceiling version of fans known as ‘punkah’ was invented in India. Punkah gradually spread around the tropical regions of the British Empire and through the years it went through major technological advances such as rotary blades and electrification in the west. This improved version returned to India in the early 20th century and replaced punkahs. Due to the economy and limited resources, ceiling fans have remained the principal means of comfort for indoor occupants in India even now.

The common ceiling fans that are available in the market use single phase induction motors, which are inexpensive but extremely inefficient. It is estimated that there are over 400 million ceiling fans in India, and when all these fans operate at medium speed (39W) for 7 hours a day, there is an electricity consumption of over 95500MU every day. This creates a huge pressure on the country’s electric grid, economy and the environment. Despite this high demand and the lack of efficiency, there were no significant changes to the core design of ceiling fans for decades. As India’s stature on the world stage rises, it does not bode well if we wait for others to solve our problems and satisfy our needs. Hence the time was ripe for reinvention of ceiling fans to meet the demands of aspiring India.

We are known for providing reliable and innovative solutions for industrial motor drives, so it was suggested to us to investigate BLDC ceiling fans as a solution to address the limitations of regular ceiling fans at a Freescale Technology Forum in 2009. The potential benefits for the society in terms of energy savings and the environment inspired our immediate action.

It is our core belief that sustainability and functionality are not mutually exclusive. So, we specifically designed Superfan to address issues beyond efficiency such as speed fluctuations due to voltage fluctuations, inoperativeness in low voltages, capacitor failure, motor winding burning, overheating and lack of remote operation. In 2012, first Superfan model was released that consumed only 35 W while delivering same or better air delivery and increased functionality than regular fans which consume 75W. Subsequently other super energy efficient ceiling fan models with additional features that cater to different needs were released. Our innovative approach to BLDC ceiling fans has been recognized with a design patent.

We are proud to have built an eco-friendly product with superior functionality at only a moderately high cost that will be paid back by the savings in electricity bill. Eco-friendliness extends beyond the product at Versa Drives Private Limited, it is a way of life. We consciously strive to reduce carbon footprint in our manufacturing processes, factory surroundings and resources. Our hassle-free, fully recyclable packaging exemplifies our commitment to sustainability.

If all the existing ceiling fans in India are replaced by Superfan, the electricity demand reduces from 13650MW to 4900MW - a huge demand reduction of 8750MW and consumption by 61200MU everyday! It takes 1 kilogram of Carbon to generate 1 unit of electricity, so this reduction in energy consumption is massive.

  • Appliance of the year

    Receipient of Appliance of the year Award by NECA (2020) under Bureau of Energy Efficiency

  • Global LEAP Award

    Superfan E11 ceiling fan model won Global LEAP Award 2016-17 in the Small Ceiling Fan Category

  • India Design Mark Award

    Super X1 Ceiling Fan model wins the prestigious India Design Award 2018

  • CII National Award for Excellence in Energy Management

    Superfan wins the prestigious Most innovative energy saving product award.

  • Time India Award

    Winner of 2017 Time India Awards : Jury Special Mention-Startups

  • Dupont Global Sustainability award

    Receipient of Global Sustainability Award 2015

  • International Design Awards

    Honorable mention in International Design Awards in the category Sustainable Living / Environmental Preservation, Professional

  • Appliance Design EID Excellence in Design

    Winner of Appliance Design EID - Excellence in Design Bronze 2014 Award in Small Appliances category

  • India Innovation Initiative Award

    Winner of India Innnovation Initiative 2013 Award